Closed/Expired: Boost innovation challenge, fiber optic valley

Boost innovation challenge, fiber optic valley

Take the opportunity to win EUR 2,500 in our innovative challenge. Fiber Optic Valley is promoting the Boost Innovation Competition for the fourth time and invites you to enter. We’re inviting students, researchers and entrepreneurs from all over the world to take this challenge. Solve a problem, win money and make valuable business connections.

 The three challenges are:

1. Find a way to detect unseen damp with new technology 

The company who announced the competition is Flying Eyes (FE in Hudiksvall AB) Hudiksvall, Sweden

2. Use new technology to predict ground conditions when excavating 

The company who announced the competition is Hallgren Trading AB, Malta.

3. Find a fun way to use sensors together  with mobile technology to improve the environment 

The company who announced the competition is SenseAir AB, Delsbo, Sweden. Fiber Optic Valley – an international center for innovation located in Hudiksvall, Sweden, operates in the areas of broadband infrastructure and sensor technology. In the first stage of the competition, the three most innovative challenges were selected from our member companies. The problems, if solved, will mean increased competitiveness, higher profitability and more efficient business. Last year, The Big 5 Carnivore Center, Radarbolaget and Hexatronic won by submitting creative solutions to problems related to one of our business areas. Are you the winner this year?

The competition has three stages, the second stage concerns you:

1) Members of Fiber Optic Valley presents challenges they need help with solving. Three challenges were selected in May 2016.

2) Students, researchers and entrepreneurs are invited to come up with ideas that would solve one (or more) of the three challenges. The three best proposals win EUR 2,500 each. In other words, you can sell your innovative idea in order to solve a business-related problem. 

3) In the final, a jury will determine who will be the grand prize winner and the other two are joint second prize winners. The winner will be the organisation whose challenge has the best potential for success, perhaps thanks to your proposal from stage 2. The winner of Boost Innovation 2016 will receive 20,000 EUR

Awards:- The three best proposals win EUR 2,500 each!

Deadline:- 30-09-2016

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