Closed/Expired: Bring the “Ariel Extreme Challenge” to life through a creative video

Bring the “Ariel Extreme Challenge” to life through a creative video

Ariel Detergent, a leading global P&G brand providing superior cleaning, has been working with a successful creative advertising concept called “unfair conditions”. It showcases a side by side comparison to prove that Ariel is more powerful than other detergents.  The “unfair conditions” idea is simple: Ariel will clean a shirt better than any other brand, even if the shirt cleaned with Ariel is much dirtier and with less detergent (as it is concentrated)! It shows that even under “unfair -or extreme- conditions”, Ariel cleans better than the other brands. You can watch some existing TVC here: TVC 1 and TVC 2.

The challenge is:  how to bring this challenge one step further and make it attractive and “likeable” in the digital word.

Ariel would like to create a new challenge always showcasing extreme conditions, but without a comparison to another brand. We are looking for new ways to show the superior performance with less of an “advertising” and more of an engaging feeling to bring the Ariel CHALLENGE to life in the digital world.

As mentioned, this content will exist on digital platforms, especially as Youtube pre-rolls, so it should be fast and introduce the product at an early stage.

Creative Challenge

Create a surprising and authentic video that shows that Ariel always wins in the battle for clean, without a comparison to another brand.

We are expecting videos or animations with real life and authentic feelings. We don’t want the videos to look like a TV commercial. The videos will be used as inspiration for digital content and they require thinking outside the box. Try to remember the last time you got your shirt or dress very dirty in a funny, awkward situation.  Try to think of how you could even overplay this. How would you imagine a laundry extreme, exaggerated challenge in a real life or hilarious situation? Can you come up with a story that grabs the viewers’ attention immediately and makes them want to share it with their friends? After watching, the viewers should think:” That’s the first time ever I’ve seen a detergent brand speaking to me like this!”

The quality of the video doesn’t really matter and animation is fine as well. The best ideas will be picked to be used or reproduced by famous YouTubers! Therefore, you must think about an idea that has the potential to go viral and possibly be available as a mini-series. But most importantly, as long as you have a fun and original idea, grab your camera and shoot it!

We are expecting entertaining videos with real life feelings. It needs to feel natural, something that could be done with some friends, even if it is an overplayed or extreme fun situation.

There are no restrictions, beyond the fact it should be real. However, you can play with it as much as you want to make it funny, exaggerated, hilarious, metaphorical, and above all, extreme.

Your character(s) can either be a man or woman, or a group of people.

The Ariel brand needs to be shown in your video. If Ariel is not available in your region, you can download the pack shot in our toolkit and use it.


  • #1 Prize €8,000
  • #2 Prize €5,000
  • #3 Prize €2,000

Deadline:- 27-06-2016

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