Expired: BSH-UZ Award in business innovation

BSH-UZ Award in business innovation

The objective is to look for alternative business opportunities while promoting the spirit of innovation in the whole range of products of BSH Spain, as well as in its industrial, commercial or economic processes. The projects must provide innovative, new, original and creative ideas for any product, service and process applicable to the company. There will be three categories: A) Research groups. B) Students from any university, both national and international. C) Innovation challenge.

For the tenth consecutive year, the BSH Chair in Innovation and the University of Zaragoza are presenting the BSH-UZ Award in Business Innovation. It is open to: A) Teams from any national or international research institution with or without profit objective whose members are two or more people connected with the institution and at least one of them should be a teacher/researcher employed by the institution. B) and C) are open to any person who is connected with a national or international university in any way, either because they are students at one of its centers or because they are currently participating in a training grant program, doctorate or any other postgraduate studies and they are still members of the university. A and B categories projects must provide innovative, new, original and creative ideas for any product, service and process applicable to the company. In C category, the challenge for 2016 consists in the development of a household appliance that solves the needs of economically and/or socially vulnerable people from developed or underdeveloped countries. The approach of the idea and its technical resolution are requested. The inclusion of an economic feasibility analysis will also be valued.

All candidates are required to fill in the pre-application form available in the following link: http://www.catedrabsh-uz.es/registro.php Besides their pre-application form, candidates must submit a report in pdf format before the established deadline. The report, which must be a maximum of 25 pages and must not contain the names of any of the participants to guarantee the anonymity and neutrality of the process, will explain the contents and objectives of the proposal, the innovations, as well as the advantages that it may provide both for BSH Electrodomésticos España, S.A. and for the corresponding university. Undergraduate projects are accepted, as long as their rights were not given to the university institutional repository (ZAGUAN). Together with the report, candidates should include a one-page summary of the 4 main contributions of their work (innovation, applicability, benefits and quality), as well as an image that illustrates the ideas. To complete the application process every candidate must attach a document which proves his connection with the university or research institution, as well as a photocopy of his national ID card or passport.

Awards:- A category: 1st €6000, 2nd €3000; B category: 1st €3000, 2nd €1500; C category: six months grant / cash: €3600.

Deadline:- 31-05-2016

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