Expired: Buildify bottom up architecture

Buildify bottom up architecture

We are very excited to make an important step forward and YOU are invited to be part of our journey! Over the last few years we’ve nurtured a global community of more than 40,000 young professionals dedicated to community architecture.

We asked ourselves: Can we bring together this new generation of architectural enthusiasts in a connected network, enable fruitful collaboration across disciplines and harness the potential of the crowd to support their social endeavors? Buildify is our solution to systematically transform architectural practice by re-distributing resources across various platforms and online media. Join Buildify to unlock the potential of bottom-up architecture, driven by the needs and aspirations of communities!

Awards:- Be featured on AiD’s social media channels of +40,000 followers; be presented to the Buildify global alliance who will provide vital expertise and resources to boost the development.

Deadline:- 20-08-2016

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