Closed/Expired: Building Empathy Challenge

Building Empathy Challenge

We need you to submit a proposal, telling us how this app will work and what it will look like. You get to be the designer – tell us how content will be contributed and filtered, tell us how users will experience the content, tell us how the data should flow, and tell us how we should make the app engaging and fun for users.

To be eligible for an award, your proposal must include a:

  1. Completed Submission Form
  2. Project Plan*
  3. Wireframe or Flowchart *
  4. Optional UI Style Guide*
  5. Optional Information Architecture*


Competitors will be asked questions to help the Sponsor gain theoretical design ideas for the purpose of future product development. Submission Form questions include:

  • How will content be contributed to the app?
  • How will users’ empathy levels be assessed before/after the experience?
  • How is your app immersive for the user?
  • How will users experience the app content?
  • What gamification strategies have you implemented into your design in order to establish an addictive quality, to ensure user attraction and retention?
  • How will your app ensure no content is uploaded that is negative, inflammatory or biased?
  • What device(s) is your app compatible on?
  • What platform(s) is your app compatible with? iOS, Android, etc
  • What hardware is required in order to experience your app?
  • What software is required in order to experience your app?
  • What analytics tools will you integrate in order to track user attraction, retention and engagement? Why did you select this tool?
  • What is your internal process for quality assurance once an app is complete?


*Project Plans may include a list of milestones, or app features to be developed in phases according to a timeline and budget.

*Wireframes are visuals, screenshots, or flowchart sketches to provide visual examples of how the app will look. Visuals may include a login screen, splash page, home page, user profile, or any screen necessary to convey user experience. Popular wireframing tools are: Fluid UIInVision, and Balsamiq, but feel free to use your favorite tool of choice.

*Style Guides provide guidance on front-end user interface design elements such as typography and color palette. Find inspiration here to create your own Style Guide!

*Information Architectures look like this. The purpose is to organize the apps information, label it, and determine how it will flow.

All additional proposal elements can be submitted as attachments or links within the Submission Form. Details can be found by clicking “Accept Challenge.”


KEO Marketing is committed to awarding up to $10,000 in overall prize money:

  • Grand Winner: $6,000*
  • Second Place Finalist: $2,000
  • Third Place Finalist: $1,500
  • Crowd Vote Winner: $500

Deadline:- 02-06-2018

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