Closed/Expired: B&W Child photo competition

B&W Child photo competition

Child Photo Competition is an International Photography & Art Organization founded in Europe devoted to celebrating art of child photography. Our goal is to celebrate beautiful child photography from around the world and to recognize, expose and award the most talented photographers in this everyday growing genre of photography. Child Photo Competition runs a series of juried competitions, both annuals and one-offs, that target various themes and skills.

Our goal is to encourage a wide range of emerging photographers to participate and showcase their capabilities to the world.

B&W Child Photo Competition has 6 categories: 1. Portrait 2. Fine Art 3. Lifestyle 4. Conceptual & Photo Manipulation 5. Documentary & Street 6. Silhouette.

Awards:- Prizes: Grand Winner $1000, Winners of each 6 categories $100

Deadline:- 30-12-2015

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