Canine cancer detection


Finally NHS has approved that canines can indeed detect cancer, the research began back in 2003. Often described as Man’s best friend, now they can do stuff even doctors and expensive lab machines,tests fail to do. The research studies shows that canines can detect cancer with 88% specificity and 99% sensitivity.

Canine’s may be able to detect cancer based on tumor’s odor , the volatile molecules associated with tumor which produces a particular scent that can be sensed by canines. However dogs need to bEe highly trained for the procedure. They can detect parts per trillion, if you do the maths it is equivalent to one drop in 20 Olympic size swimming pools. I would call them nature’s bio-detectors just because they have a furry coat.

When I roam along the streets of my home town, I find a long chain of canines on street.They call it a menace and the government is taking steps for the infamous “Dog culling”. Probably they don’t understand their potential, well they could have been trained to save lives.

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