Caribbean Climate Resiliance Innovation Challenge

Caribbean Climate Resiliance Innovation Challenge

Entrepreneur competition for Caribbean youth to provide solutions to help the Caribbean region adjust to the realities of Climate Change .

For young people in the CARICOM Member and Associate States only 

The Caribbean Innovation Competition (CIC) is an international entrepreneur competition and business start-up accelerator for young people in the CARICOM Member and Associate States. The CIC differentiates itself from other existing business competitions by incorporating “before and after“ stages, focusing on training and mentoring as preparation for the competition, and providing follow up services that include access to finance, networking activities, visibility and promotion opportunities.

Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to present innovative solutions, tools, and mechanisms that will help the Caribbean region adjust to the realities of Climate Change, while creating economic opportunities and sustainable businesses. The entrepreneurs participating in the CIC 8.0 will also receive further training and mentoring throughout the program, and also international visibility of their businesses during the Finals of CIC, organized during the official activities of the 50th General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS).


Resilience and Climate Change: To support the understanding of the reasons and effects of Climate Change.

Priorities: Adaption and Mitigation

  • Adaptation: Developing innovative solutions that will allow citizens and businesses in the Caribbean to adjust to the new realities of climate change by creating new social and economic opportunities.
  • Mitigation: Developing tools and mechanisms that will allow the Caribbean to reduce or eliminate the social, economic, and environmental impact of climate change in the Caribbean.

Specail Focus:

  • Sargassum: Innovative and sustainable solutions to respond to the diverse threats and opportunities that Sargassum presents for the Caribbean. We want to raise awareness on the occurrence of sargassum across the Caribbean.
  • Natural Disasters: Innovative solutions to strengthen the Caribbean disaster management systems in the region, and thus help to reduce the negative impact of hurricanes, floods, or other natural disasters that occur.


  • A US$5,000 prize is awarded to the winners at the Finals of TIC Americas 2020. This award shall be considered by winning teams as seed capital for their businesses or initiatives. The winners are responsible of all the taxes, financial fees, and any other commission related to the disbursement of Funds.
  • Every winner team receives one trophy, certificate, and other and opportunities to be nominated as a Winning Team of TIC Americas, i.e., participation at International Events of the YABT/OAS, PepsiCo and other partners’ events and conferences.

Deadline:- 31-12-2019

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