Closed/Expired: CDC’s Tracking Network Enviro Health App Challenge

CDC’s Tracking Network Enviro Health App Challenge

Through this Challenge, we want to seed innovative uses for Tracking Network data that explore the connections between the environment and health. The solution should be technology-based, interactive and help facilitate simple and meaningful information to general public audiences. The application must show the potential for what can be done with tracking data, such as:

Track data indicators
Monitor trends
Provide access to data
Educate the public
Identify at-risk populations
Expose potential health hazards
Submissions for this competition are being accepted on a third-party site.


First Place$20,000.00One first-place winner will be awarded.
Second Place$7,000.00One second-place winner will be awarded.
Third Place$3,000.00One third-place winner will be awarded.
Deadline:- 23-06-2017