Closed/Expired: Cheetos Packaging – family fun contest

Cheetos Packaging – family fun contest

We have a new series of three contests for Doritos, Lay’s, and Cheetos. They all involve different snacking occasions and challenge you to amaze us with new packaging ideas. Participation in all three contests is not mandatory, although we believe that if you are able to create for one, you can also do well for the others.

Hey, are you one of the “Re-juveniles”?

They are people who don’t accept the conventional definition of growing up, who demand playtime in daily life, especially with their families. They believe that life is not all about work, but also about spending time with family and enjoying each other. They recharge from stress through family fun moments. Re-juvenile parents look for interactive snacks that give them a reason to come together and help them play more, do more, as a family.

Since its introduction in 1948, Cheetos has provided the world with delicious, cheesy puffed, and crunchy snacks.  Today you can find Cheetos on every continent on the globe.  Wherever you see the iconic Chester the Cheetah, you know that a world of playful mischief is about to open, introducing a new level of fun for the entire family.

At the core of Cheetos lies the brand purpose – to “liberate playful mischief” and create “mischievous fun”.  Cheetos are meant for the “family fun occasion”.  The brand has two key roles:

  1. Kick-start the fun – brings play to families through snacks
  2. Amplify the fun – turns up the fun in family snacking time


Re-juveniles love Cheetos snacks.

Because, whether playing games, goofing around, or watching TV together, Cheetos helps provide a reason for the family to come together.

Can you help dial up the fun by finding a new packaging idea?

Creative Challenge

Design a fun, interactive, and newsworthy packaging for Cheetos to turn up the fun in families.


  • #1 Prize €3,000
  • #2 Prize €1,500
  • #3 Prize €500

Deadline:- 09-01-2018

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