Closed/Expired: Chemistry World science communication competition

Chemistry World science communication competition

The 2015–16 Chemistry World science communication competition offers a fantastic opportunity to be published in Chemistry World, and demonstrate your communication skills in a ten-minute presentation at the Royal Institution’s iconic Faraday theatre during our live final.

This year’s theme Earlier this year the Royal Society of Chemistry carried out some large-scale research on public attitudes to chemistry. This research has caused us to question how we communicate chemistry to wider audiences as well as challenging our perceptions of how the public respond to and engage with chemistry, chemicals and chemists. We’re asking entrants to explore or address an issue or theme uncovered by the research with the ultimate aim of improving our chemistry conversations. For example, you could write about: · Chemistry is something you do at school, not something you do in your everyday life · How chemistry relates to society’s biggest challenges like energy, the environment, food and water · Emotional responses to chemistry · Unpicking the confusion between pharmacists and chemists · Why chemists think the public are more negative about chemistry than they actually are The same rules apply for both the Rising Star and Science Communicator awards. You should submit: A written entry: Articles should be clear and concisely written, suitable for publication in Chemistry World, and no more than 800 words in length excluding headline and references. A video entry: Show us how well you can present your chosen topic in no more than two minutes. It’s not about Hollywood production values, so webcam or mobile videos are fine. Closing date: 8 January 2016 11.59 pm GMT Live final: 21 March 2016

Awards:- 1st £500 · Publication in Chemistry World · Opportunity to take part in a special assignment with Chemistry World and AkzoNobel.

Deadline:- 08-01-2016

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