Chord Collar – connect with your pet

Chord Collar

A first of its kind pet wearable technology that improves animal welfare and makes the joy of owning a pet as convenient as possible.

Chord is a smart collar for dogs and cats that allows you to create an invisible fence wherever you go. But it’s so much more than that: Chord is like having a professional trainer ride along with your pet 24/7. Chord keeps your pet happy, healthy, and engaged in your life while reducing the aspects of pet ownership that you find annoying or inconvenient. The technology is at our disposal to improve the quality of our pets’ lives, and to improve animal welfare in the world at large. By funding Chord through the support of like-minded backers like you, we can put pets, owners, and non-profits first and revenue second. Pet owners and pets deserve better and we need your support to bring about the revolution!

Chord uses the best technology from your smartphone — minus the expensive and fragile screen — with pet specific capabilities. Chord gets all the connectivity needed from your WiFi router and mobile phone’s existing Bluetooth, without the need for a data plan or other recurring charges.

CAD Model of Large Dog Collar Reward
CAD Model of Large Dog Collar Reward

Chord gives you the ability to communicate with your pet through personalized sound and scientifically developed vibration patterns designed for dogs and cats. Your pet communicates back to you through sound, biometrics, location, and motion (sensor data).

iPhone and Android shown
iPhone and Android shown

Chord guides you step by step through positive rewards based training. Chord then helps maintain the behavior that you want in your pet, even when you are not around.

Chord uses GPS and other signals to establish boundaries such as invisible leashes and fences. Chord measures your pet’s heart-rate, activity, and more.

Chord has been prototyped and successfully used with large breed dogs. As part of this Kickstarter project, we will also create versions for small breed dogs and cats.

These are the minimum features that will be delivered as part of this Kickstarter project. After we meet our funding goal, we will announce stretch goals that deliver even more capability and convenience!

Chord collar training is based on our expertise with positive rewards approaches and pet welfare. Our aim is for the Chord collar to be such an effective animal training tool that reward based training becomes the only method used by animal trainers and caregivers.

We are excited to provide Chord to shelters and rescues as part of this project. In addition to helping animals in shelters by increasing adoption and retention rates, our free lost pet service will keep more pets out of shelters in the first place.

Similarly, we are proud to offer our Activity Kits that deliver the Chord collar along with materials and activities that enrich STEM and encourage literacy, while also introducing concepts in animal welfare and taking care of pets. These kits are a great addition to any school, library, or other organization for children.

We are fully committed to an open source approach for Chord. We are creating the AndRover open source project to extend Open Source Android for animal wearable devices (apps for owners are available for iPhone and Android). We are firm believers open source is better for our customers and our business, and when you back Chord, you are backing the creation of new open source software for anyone to use.