Closed/Expired: Chouteau Greenway International Design Competition

Chouteau Greenway International Design Competition

Great Rivers Greenway is leading a major public-private partnership to establish the conceptual plan for the Chouteau Greenway in St. Louis through this design competition. The goal of the project is to connect the areas of Washington University and Forest Park to Downtown and the Gateway Arch and Mississippi Riverfront. With spurs north and south and many other destinations along the way, the greenway will connect area neighborhoods, employment centers, parks, transit, and dozens of cultural and educational institutions.

The Chouteau Greenway will be part of the overall network of greenways being built by Great Rivers Greenway and partners. This competition invites designers to think beyond the trail itself to create active, vibrant spaces and destinations along the way.

A Jury, comprised of local and international experts, will use the Design Goals to evaluate each design team’s submitted qualifications and recommend four teams to compete in Stage II. Those four teams will be offered an honorarium to work on a conceptual design.

Awards:- The competition process and resulting conceptual design will help partners determine a plan and schedule for designing, engineering, and building each additional portion of the overall greenway.

Deadline:- 21-11-2017

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