CIVICUS Crisis Response Fund for Civil Society Organisations Worldwide

CIVICUS Crisis Response Fund for Civil Society Organisations Worldwide

CIVICUS invites applications for the Crisis Response Fund. The CIVICUS Crisis Response Fund provides a way for civil society organisations facing new restrictions on their work to apply for funding for emergency advocacy actions. The Crisis Response Fund is part of the CSO Lifeline Coalition, an Embattled NGO Assistance Fund providing emergency assistance for civil society.

Civil society organisations around the world are often faced with threats to their work. While some threats develop gradually, others are swift and require an immediate advocacy response. The CIVICUS Crisis Response Fund, established in 2007, helps to defend civic freedoms and democratic values. It presents a way to mobilise quick, principled and effective advocacy responses to events that threaten fundamental rights to associate and assemble freely.

The fund also supports civil society through resiliency grants, designed to ensure that organisations have greater flexibility and creativity to proactively prevent and mitigate threats against their organizations. By supporting organisations under threat, they are able to amplify voices of those not always included, build solidarity and support civil society to mobilise for open space.


It provides small grants of up to 10,000 USD to national civil society organisations for them to run advocacy or resiliency activities over a maximum of six months. These activities, designed by the applicant, are relevant to their work and aim to bring about positive change.

Deadline:- T.B.A

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