CLASSON Tech & Design for a Seamless Cycling Experience

Bicycle helmet

A helmet that alerts you when cars are in your blind spot and activates turn signals & brake lights based on your body movements.

Get peace of mind with awareness of your environment, and added visibility to others while on the road.

Introducing Classon: The intelligent bike helmet that detects cars approaching in your blind spot, and has motion activated brake and turn signals so that you are visible to others. Simple and intuitive, this helmet allows you to communicate your intentions to those around you without even thinking about it.

When cars approach, you are notified by a blinking light on the visor in your peripheral vision. We’ve developed a patented, non-disruptive, lighted visor interface that communicates with the rider, keeping them informed without taking their eyes off of the road.

Motion activated turn lights are prompted when you signal right or left with your arms. Gesture sensors turn on the lights on either the right or left side of the helmet.
Brake lights are activated when the helmet detects you slowing down. An integrated accelerometer knows when you are coming to a stop and lets those around you know you are about to stop or slow down.



Know when cars are approaching, so you can make better decisions on the road.

Cameras (front & back) scan the environment. This info is interpreted by our algorithm and communicated to you, using our visor interface. A non-disruptive light under the visor blinks in your peripheral vision as cars are approaching from behind. Light intensity is adjustable.


Intuitive Turn Signals: Gesture sensors read your natural movements and activate the turning lights.

Indicate which way you are turning simply by using your hand signals. The sensors read your movement and activate your turning lights on the right or left side. Turn lights are located in the front and back of the helmet, ensuring that you are visible to others.


Brake lights turn on automatically when you reduce speed.

Let those behind you know your intentions just by doing what you would normally do. The integrated accelerometer detects when you are braking and a red light turns on at the back of the helmet.

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