Closed/Expired: Coca-Cola Company: Direct to consumers Challenge

Direct to consumers Challenge

Do you remember the last time you were in contact directly with a brand? How did you feel? Did you feel special? Unique? Entertained? Amused? Was this experience useful? Fantastic? Personalized?

There are many ways for companies to provide experiences that go beyond selling the products they make. Take Apple and iTunes. Apple was selling computers and they decided to create a platform where clients of Macs could store, buy and share music. This was such a huge move back then. And Apple became even closer to its consumers.

Another example is the Hilton Hotels. Through a platform, guests that have the loyalty membership access a full range of personalized services such as online check-in and a choice of preferred room.  In fact, this is now a very common practice amongst service companies.

Clothing companies are also embracing the trend. Men and women can buy clothing directly online without having to go to stores. The main benefit is to be able to try the clothes at home, anytime, and easily return them if they do not like them.

These examples show that being in direct connection with a company provides great benefits to people. Thanks to technology, these services exist and make our lives easier, more fun – just richer.                                          

Now imagine that one of the biggest and most loved companies in the world – the Coca-Cola Company – were to connect with you directly and provide a new experience or service. What could that experience or service be?  How do you think The Coca-Cola Company could be relevant to you, helping you or entertaining you?

The Coca-Cola Company offers a wide variety of beverages with leading global and regional brands. Of course, they make the most famous drink Coke, but not just that. They also produce Fanta, Sprite, a large range of refreshments such as Minute-Maid, Limon & Nada, Powerade and waters like Dasani, Ciel, etc. They are refreshing people’s lives as they provide beloved drinks globally and they are inspiring happy moments through their communication and involvement in sports & entertainment. Today they want to bring this connection to the next level.

We would like you to imagine how The Coca-Cola Company could connect directly to consumers in 2025 (beyond just the delivery of beverages) and would like to know where your inspiration comes from.

Creative Challenge

Imagine a unique, direct to consumer experience or service The Coca-Cola Company could provide to consumers in 2025. An experience available anytime, anywhere and linked to the company’s mission: Refreshing the world and inspiring moments of happiness.


  • #1 Prize €3,500
  • #2 Prize €1,500
  • #3 Prize €1,000

Deadline:- 10-12-2017

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