Code launch app competition

CodeLaunch is an annual seed accelerator for people and groups with ideas for “Apps” who are seeking seed funding. The CodeLaunch Pitch Day is the culmination of the competition and a showcasing of the best competitors. If you have an “idea for an app” and nothing more you are qualified to apply. If you have experience in business and passion for entrepreneurism you are likely to advance. CodeLaunch will continue to grow each year and has become an event with widespread interest from the startup community including Angel Investors, Venture Capital, and other entrepreneurial organizations and leaders.

Our goal is to populate the audience with angels and representatives of the entrepreneurship community who are capable of providing seed capital to any or all of the finalists. Immediately after the event, a networking function allows the competitors to meet and greet these people.

Competitors who advance will receive benefits at every stage including recognition, which may help them promote their concept by recognizing their achievements in the codelaunch program. we also want to protect your intellectual property. Each application includes an NDA with Code Authority. So, competitors are not required to reveal their secret sauce during their pitch upon reaching the finals.

The judges will also collectively assign awards. Award winners will receive trophies and digital collateral which can be used to recognize the achievement.

  • BEST PITCH PRESENTATION: Awarded regardless of other variables or attributes, strictly on the polish and communication effectiveness.
  • MOST FINANCIAL POTENTIAL: Awarded to the idea which seems to have the most money to gain in a best case outcome scenario.
  • MOST CREATIVE IDEA: Awarded to the concept with the most intriguing creativity and inventiveness.

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