Coffee speed challenge

Coffee speed challenge

Coffee is certainly a go-to when it comes to a beverage that will put a pep in your step, but it also gets used in so many everyday DIYs. To celebrate this magic bean, we’re launching our first-ever Coffee Speed Challenge! Any project that uses coffee in any way is eligible.

Coffee grounds in the garden? Take pictures and enter it to the speed challenge!

Made a woodworking stain from espresso? Document your steps and submit your entry!

Don’t forget, all culinary entries are also eligible! Now, brew a pot of coffee and get to work!


 First Prize (1)

One First Prize winner will receive:$200 Gift Card  

 Second Prize (3)

Three Second Prize winners will receive:$100 Gift Card 

 Third Prize (5)

Five Third Prize winners will receive:$50 Gift Card

Deadline:- 20-01-2020

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