Closed/Expired: Collective Global Accelerator 2018 for Social Entrepreneurs

Collective Global Accelerator 2018 for Social Entrepreneurs

Are you a social entrepreneur who creates stronger communities in cities? The Collective Foundation invites social entrepreneurs across the world to apply for the Collective Global Accelerator (CGA), a 4-week residential experience at the The Collective Old Oak in London. CGA brings together the best and brightest social entrepreneurs from all over the world, with diverse backgrounds and businesses. They want to help you scale your impact on the world. This is an experience of a lifetime.

If you attend CGA, you’ll have an extraordinary opportunity to become a better entrepreneur; to be part of a community of people who share your commitment to do good; to grow into a global innovator, and to get access to our network of world-class experts and thought leaders. The Collective Global Accelerator is an initiative by The Collective Foundation and covers all costs for participants.

Are you ready to change the world?

The Collective Global Accelerator (CGA) accelerates the success of impactful entrepreneurs and innovators from all over the world. At CGA, you’ll get the mindset, tools, and network to help you scale your social enterprise and become an extraordinary entrepreneur. If you’re looking to make a difference for people in need, they can help you do just that.


The focus for CGA 2018 is Creating Stronger Communities in Cities, and they will focus on supporting entrepreneurs who do this by working in the following cause areas:

  • Human Connection: How can we create communities that are inclusive, tackling loneliness and helping people to create deep and meaningful connections?
  • Health and Wellbeing: How can we create healthy communities and ensure that people experience a high level of wellbeing?
  • Education and Opportunity: How can we create communities in which opportunities are available to everyone equally?
  • Circular Economy: How can we ensure that communities contribute to a circular economy and ensure environmental sustainability through smart circular innovation?


  • Speakers and Workshops: Learn from experts in London how to develop your business, build your brand, increase your impact and become a better entrepreneur. Weekly workshops and speaker events led by London’s brightest minds will give you the tools to become a better entrepreneur.
  • Mentors: Get matched with a personal mentor, an entrepreneur or leader in your industry, with whom you will set your personal goals and aspirations. Together, you will create a strategy on how to achieve your dreams.
  • Community: The Collective Old Oak is a co-living community in London. Be part of the community for 4 weeks and enjoy all it has to offer – the company of creative and ambitious people, daily social events, and inspiring spaces. Living and working together with your fellow participants is truly a magical experience that you’ll always remember. The Collective Foundation sponsors all participants’ stay during the programme.
  • Network: Get access to the world-class network of The Collective. They will help you get the right connections you need to propel your start-up forwards. Every week, they will have outings to relevant organizations in London’s social enterprise scene.
  • Pitch Event: The journey concludes with a pitch event, which will be attended by leading organizations in London’s social enterprise, technology and start-up scene. The goal of this event is for you to get connected to the right people who can help you with your start-up.

Deadline:- 10-01-2018

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