Expired: Youth Commonwealth Council Poetry Competition 2017

Youth Commonwealth Council Poetry Competition 2017

To commemorate World Braille Day, the Commonwealth Youth Council invites entries for the 2017 poetry competition- “Unseen & Unspoken.” This is a segment of creative expression of the #iamABLE campaign through the art of poetry.

The theme of the competition is “My disability does not define me.” The theme can be interpreted many ways – writers could focus on achievements and talents they have in spite of a disability, or positive traits they have or have developed as a result of their disability. The objective of the competition is to raise awareness of the experience and lives of young people with disabilities which are often unseen and not spoken of. Note that the CYC is taking a broad definition of disabilities to include visible and invisible disabilities such as autism and dyslexia.

Awards:- T.B.A

Deadline:- 31-05-2017

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