Expired: Complex master plan of administrative city international competition

Complex master plan of administrative city international competition

The objective of this competition is to select the appropriate master plan proposal for National Museum Complex(NMC) to realize cultural base that is the spatial core of the Administrative City. This competition is an open international competition for all professionals and consists of two stages.

Any professionals in architecture, urban design, landscape design, cultural design, or other fields can enter. One(1, individual or corporate) representative of the team should be a licensed architect whose license should be current and valid at the time of registration. Stage One(1). – Open Competition – Conceptual development plan on the whole NMC site(190,000m2) +Conceptual master plan on the 1st(first) phase area(75,000m2) ○ Stage One(2). – Invitational Competition(Limited to Winners of the Stage One(1)) – Developed master plan on the 1st(first) phase area(75,000m2 ) + Architectural design on facilities in the 1st(first) step of construction(i.e., Central Operation Center , Central Storehouse, National Children Museum, and Parking Lots) ※ Note: This brief provides information only for the stage one(1) stage of the competition, and the information for the stage two(2) will be provided later.

Awards:-The winners of Stage 2 will receive 50 million KRW to each entry as expense cover.

Deadline:- 13-07-2016

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