Closed/Expired: ONCE Concurso Fotográfico photo contest

ONCE Concurso Fotográfico photo contest

The competition is organised by La ONCE (Organización Nacional de Ciegos Españoles).

The aim of this contest is to show the reality of people with some kind of disability. The photographer should show everyday situations, which are not so different from the rest of the people, and capture the lights and shadows of the people with disabilities, regardless of the part of the world they live in. Each photographer is intended to express his/her own point of view about disability, in order to get a sample of what the disability represents all over the world.

You may submit up to 4 images.

• First prize: € 1,500 plus FIAP and CEF Gold Medal
• Second prize: € 750 plus FIAP and CEF Silver Medal
• Third prize: € 350 plus FIAP Bronze Medal
• Two consolation prizes: € 350 each plus CEF Bronze Medal

Deadline:- 10-12-2017

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