Closed/Expired: Consider Corn Challenge – Ninesigma

Consider Corn Challenge - Ninesigma

New Uses for Field Corn as Feedstock for Making Sustainable Chemicals.

Field corn production makes incredible contributions to human nutrition as a primary source of feed for cattle, hogs and poultry; to cleaner air and reduced greenhouse gases as the source of ethanol fuel; and to the economy.The Consider Corn Challenge invites innovators, entrepreneurs, scientists and academics to redefine the role of corn and explore the broad horizon of opportunity for corn as a feedstock for making sustainable chemicals.

Today’s sustainably produced, consistent supply of renewable corn makes it an optimal resource to drive research and accelerate society’s shift to a thriving bio-based community.

Awards:- The total prize pool is up to US$150,000 in the form of up to 6 prizes of US$25,000 each.  NCGA may also explore funding or other support of an Entry for further development and/or commercialization, even if the Entry is not a prize winner.

Deadline:- 28-09-2017

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