Cost efficient alternative to HPDC challenge

Cost efficient alternative to HPDC challenge

We are inviting innovative and cost effective solution to have an alternative for 2W engines ADC 12 parts which are currently being manufactured by HPDC process.

Post Processes for these parts are machining and painting.

These parts come out of the die with lots of excess material in the form of gate, overflow, chill vents etc, which are necessary to attain the shape as per process limiations.

We are open for alternative process as well as material while fulfilling all requirements as per our final product. The aim would be to attain a cost saving of minimum 20% of our present product cost.

Our aim is therefore to obtain  a solution which  increases  the cost effectiveness of HPDC either by

  • changing material
  • or changing process/improvising existing process

Provided following requirements are met

  • meeting part requirements as per provided data
  • cost saving of at least 20% of our current incurred part cost.

Other details are mentioned in the guidelines tab.

We would recommend solutions which are applicable to a variety of our products, other than crankcase covers. Below are a few examples:

Rear Grip                                                                  Crank Case Right- Scooter

Crank Case Right- Motorcycle


Awards:– $50,000

Deadline:- 15-09-2018

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