Closed/Expired: County Theater Competition

County Theater Competition

This ideas competition asks participants to design a facade and street presence for a new addition to the historic 1938 County Theater in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.The purpose of this competition is to generate creative ideas for the facade of this expansion.

DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS In proposing a facade and street presence for our expansion, please address the following design considerations: 1. Harmonize with the Historic Theater. The County Theater is an iconic art deco building built in 1938. How can the addition be designed so that it looks like it is part of a single theater complex? 2. Consider the context of Doylestown. The County Theater serves as an anchor for downtown Doylestown. This addition/expansion will be one of the few new buildings built in the downtown in the last 50 years. How should the new exterior respond to this historical and architectural context? Or should it not attempt to do so? 3. Address how the addition fits functionally with the historic theater. We assume that patrons will still enter through the front doors of the original theater and will then flow out to the addition’s new expanded lobby space. Will the addition have its own separate entrance or will its front doors only be exits? Or will things be turned around? 4. Address the Pedestrian Experience. Doylestown sidewalks are mostly narrow, but the proposed expansion presents an opportunity to increase the sidewalk width for pedestrian or other usage.

Awards:- 1st $1000, 2nd $700, 3rd $ 300

Deadline:- 31-03-2016

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