Closed/Expired: Cove Park Literature Residencies for Writers 2018

Cove Park Literature Residencies for Writers

Application for the Cove Park Literature Residencies 2018 is now open. The residency programme provides the time and support for artists to focus exclusively upon their own practice. The emphasis is upon research, experimentation and the development of new work. The writers will be part of a changing group of national and international residents specialising in a wide variety of art forms.

Resident artists are invited to take part in a series of informal studio presentations, talks, screenings and dinners organised by Cove Park throughout the summer programme. Artists may also have the opportunity to contribute to ‘Hands-On Cove Park’ a new public educational and participatory programme of events and activities.

In 2018 Cove Park will award a minimum of three funded Literature Residencies for writers established in their field of between one to three months each. In addition Cove Park will offer a four-week residency for an Emerging Writer based in Scotland. Cove Park will also offer a minimum of one funded Translation Residency of four weeks. The Residencies take place during May to September 2018 – within this period residency dates are negotiable.


  • Residents receive a £400 (US$525) fee per week in addition to the use of Cove Park’s facilities include self-catering accommodation, a communal meeting space, library, archive, computer suite and a stunning 50-acre site.
  • Residents are responsible for their own travel costs to and from Cove Park, except for the International Writer and the Translation Resident whose pre-agreed standard travel will be paid by Cove Park.

Deadline:- 11-12-2017

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