COVID-19 Custom Script Contest

COVID-19 Custom Script Contest

A quest for ideas on how satellite data could help monitor and mitigate economic, human, and agriculture activity during COVID-19.

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The coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic has virtually paralyzed daily life as we know it. Even when the spread of this highly infectious disease has been halted, the world will face huge challenges getting back to ‘normal’.

European Space Agency (ESA), in coordination with the European Commission, is launching a special edition of the Custom Script Contest, focused on the support of space assets during the COVID-19 crisis, managed by Euro Data Cube group. Following a similar format, but further to looking for new algorithms, we are in the quest for ideas on how satellite data could help monitor and mitigate the situation for the upcoming months, while the world will organize to get back to business and will need to adapt from this crisis.

We are calling for remote sensing experts, machine learning scientists as well as the interested public. But anyone can contribute with an idea and make proposals.


Three focus categories were selected, for analysis of changes in:

  • economic operators’ activity (e.g. factories, supermarkets, transport networks, oil refineries, commercial ports),
  • human activity distribution (e.g. parked car distributions over urban areas, social distancing estimations),
  • agriculture activity (e.g. unattended fields and crops, disruptions due to supply chain issues, things that may contribute to mitigation of problems appearing in 6 months from now).

This initial focus does not prevent participants from elaborating other type of value-added information in relation with this challenge.

The focus geographical area is European Union, EEA, ESA member states and cooperating states.

Awards:- Up to 17,000 € Per Submission

Deadline:- 31-05-2020

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