Creating VR/AR programs for healthcare Hackathon

Creating VR/AR programs for healthcare Hackathon

The Virtual Medicine Conference is conducting the first online hackathon focused on the use of immersive technology in healthcare. This will be a 2-month+ online hackathon hosted on devpost. During this competition, you will have the chance to test out immersive ideas with people using XR technology to transform healthcare. 

The Virtual Medicine Conference is intended for a wide range of stakeholders seeking to learn about the implementation, outcomes, and cost-effectiveness of immersive virtual therapeutics in clinical practice and the role of VR and AR in medical education and simulation. Participants include clinicians using VR for patient care, patients exploring the benefits of VR as a complementary therapy, hospitals and clinics evaluating the health economics of starting a medical VR program, industry partners developing VR hardware and software solutions, journalists investigating the latest advances in medical VR, and investors seeking to learn the evidence and ROI for healthcare VR solutions.

Awards:- $3,500 in prizes

Deadline:- 04-03-2020

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