Crush It Challenge

Crush It Challenge

Comminution, the act of reducing a material to fragments, is one of the world’s largest energy consumers, estimated to consume up to 4% of all global electric power generated. 

The Challenge is open to any innovative clean technology or process that, when implemented at a mining operation, would produce a transformational reduction in the quantity of energy (kWh) needed for crushing and grinding mined material at a mill into a usable product for downstream liberation.

Those entering the Challenge should have projects that improve the crushing and grinding processes of mining. Solutions should:

Have the ability to be scaled and applied to many operations;
Generate transformative energy savings at the mining mill;
Increase productivity while reducing the environmental impacts of crushing and grinding rock; and
Have no negative impact on downstream activities.The entire competition will extend over a couple of years. Key dates to take note of regarding the Crush it! Challenge include.

Awards:- $5,000,000 CAD

Deadline:- 15-01-2019

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