Closed/Expired: Cup-a-Soup Anytime Anywhere innovation challenge by Eyeka

Cup-a-Soup Anytime Anywhere innovation challenge by Eyeka

From Austria to Zimbabwe, we find soup on the tables of most countries, if not all, cooked in slightly different ways but recognizable as soup. Soup can take the form of a starter or appetizer, a hearty main, a snack or a meal on its own. Today, we’re looking at soup as a snack, for busy young people who don’t always have the time for a proper meal, but still want to fill up on something nutritious.

Young adults, aged 18-35, are busier than ever before. Work spills over into after-work hours; they’re always “on call” and there are so many different things that vie for their time and stomach. For them, a meal might not be the typical three meals a day, eaten at breakfast, lunch and dinner, but a series of smaller alternatives that fill the belly and give them the nutrition that they’re looking for.

Knorr is a well-known global food brand. It is a big player in bringing delicious soups to tables in many homes, and the same quality ingredients go into Knorr Cup-a-Soup. With its convenient on-the-go sachet format, Cup-a-Soup is perfect as a convenient and quick way to satisfy hunger pangs, bringing flavour to people’s lives anytime, anywhere, in just a minute.

Creative Challenge

Make Knorr Cup-a-Soup the first thing young adults reach for during the day when they’re feeling hungry and need a snack to quell their hunger pangs.


  • #1 Prize €3,000
  • #2 Prize €1,500
  • #3 Prize €500

Deadline:- 12-07-2016

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