Closed/Expired: Daddy Rocks sugar contest by Eyeka

Daddy Rocks sugar contest by Eyeka

Shake up hot drinks by inventing a new shape for Daddy cube sugar!

Sugar cubes are firmly rooted in the habits of French families, who consume them all day long in hot drinks. Their shape (rectangular, round, square, etc.) and size (traditional no. 4, half-cube, etc.) are designed to suit each person’s taste and preference. Sugar cubes are therefore the true ambassador of our hot drinks.

Daddy is a key player in the French sugar market, where families have used its products for 35 years. The brand cultivates an original spirit, free from constraints, which has always enabled it to innovate for the greater benefit of consumers. Daddy has often upset conventions in a traditional market in order to stay in tune with society.

Daddy has created a whole world around quite a basic product: the sugar cube. The brand’s innovations are driven by its aims and non-conformist spirit. In addition to the iconic square cube, Daddy has put new products on the market, such as sugar in the form of spades, hearts and diamonds, as well as round cubes, exclusive to Daddy, that are half the size of a square cube. Here are some of the brand’s innovations:


Today, sugar cubes have become a product that consumers buy almost automatically, without thinking. And although they have always been present in French homes, they do not have enough appeal for young people, who rarely consume them.


  • #1 Prize €2,000
  • #2 Prize €1,000
  • #3 Prize €500

Deadline:- 10-08-2016

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