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Dannon Manifesto

Dannon, the leading yogurt company in the United States, has been delivering delicious, nutritious and innovative products in the dairy category for almost 75 years. In 2016, the company announced a Pledge focusing on three pillars: Naturality, Sustainable Agriculture and Transparency. You read the full pledge in the Assets section below and check out this article about the announcement.

These are not small changes that Dannon is implementing. As the largest player in their industry, Dannon’s Pledge will have a positive ripple effect on the entire system – consumers, suppliers, farmers, and investors.

Now we’re turning to you, Tongalers, to develop an emotionally resonant and powerful Manifesto that will help clearly establish Dannon’s passionate commitment to more natural products and sustainable agriculture, as expressed by the Pledge.

In a previous project, we asked the Tongal community for Taglines that capture the ethos of Dannon’s Pledge. We’ve chosen four Taglines and turned them into Campaign Ideas. Now, we need your help coming up with moving Manifestos to expand on each of the thoughts below:

  • Tomorrow Grows from Today: The future — for our kids, our communities, our planet – will be determined by the choices we make today – and it’s our responsibility to take action.
  • It’s More Than the Yogurt: Our mission may start with what’s on your spoon, but it affects the whole world. We don’t just want to make yogurt. We want to change the system.
  • To Earth, With Love: Our new Pledge is about making sure we take care of the one who takes care of us. This is a love letter to the Earth.
  • You are Our Main Ingredient: What’s important to you drives what we do.

Choose one of the Campaign Ideas above and use it as the basis for a Manifesto written in 750 characters or less. Check out the objectives below for more details.


What is a Manifesto?

People often think that “manifestos” are for political or artistic movements. But here we’re actually looking for a Campaign Manifesto – an elegant declaration of the principles of a brand’s campaign. In other words: it’s an inspiring essay that shows what a Campaign Idea is all about.

This is your chance to tap into your inner poet. Ideally, your Manifesto should:

  • Succinctly sum up a Campaign Idea’s purpose and goals.
  • Inspire readers to want to do more and engage with the brand and the campaign.
  • Leave everyone a little better off for having read it.

For the perfect example of an inspiring Campaign Manifesto, click here to read the manifesto for Apple’s famous “Think Different” campaign.


The goal of this project is to create an inspiring and emotional Manifesto for Dannon’s new Pledge. Choose one of the Campaign Ideas listed in the background and expand it into an artful Manifesto in 750 characters or less.

–Executional Mandatories:

  • Dannon’s target audience is moms. Here are a few important insights about moms to keep in mind. Please make sure your Manifesto speaks to these in some way:
    • Moms feel a true sense of urgency when it comes to making sure that their kids have a safe and healthy future ahead of them, which makes the environment a key concern.
    • Moms are frustrated that healthy food isn’t affordable and accessible for everyone. There are families that want to make better choices but can’t afford to do so.
    • Many moms believe that industry known as “Big Food” is too focused on profit instead of the planet and the people they serve. Dannon is considered part of “Big Food,” which means they have an opportunity to change the system from within and be a leader in the industry.
    • Moms pay close attention to what they feed their children, and are looking for natural and sustainable eating options. Your Manifesto shouldn’t just make people want to buy yogurt. It should be directly relevant to mom’s life and inspire her to learn more and get involved in her own way.
  • Your Manifesto should not be Anti-GMO. Dannon believes in giving consumers the option to choose what’s in the food they eat, which is the intention behind the Pledge. But the removal of GMO ingredients in its flagship brands is only a portion of the Pledge and should not dominate your Manifesto.

–Target Audience: Moms

–Tone: Genuine, positive, humble, and empowering.

This Project will be worth a total of $4,000 and consists of a Manifesto Phase. Be sure to read the following information carefully as well as the Official Rules.

PHASE 1: MANIFESTO– Come up with a moving Manifesto for Dannon’s Pledge. Your Manifesto should be 750 characters or less. Each Manifesto winner will receive $1,000.

Deadline:- 08-06-2017

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