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How do we solve for water scarcity? How can we drive better, eco-friendly management of water resources and processes?

Today, over 700MM people already live in water stressed areas and these numbers are likely to surge due to factors like population growth, industrialization and agriculture. By 2030, experts expect a 50% growth in global water demand – yielding a 40% shortage in water supply. This outlook underscores the criticality of identifying solutions to reduce fresh water consumption, for which there are currently many progressive efforts to create sustainable, efficient water management programs throughout the world. There is also another solution, which is particularly relevant in industrial settings: water reuse.

This innovation challenge seeks to develop a data science model that defines and optimizes the intersection of used water supply and demand.


A total prize pool of up to $35,000 USD available in the form of a cash award (of $10,000 USD) and developmental grant cash prize (of $25,000 USD), which will be awarded by GE as described below:

The Entry that best meets the Judging Criteria will receive a cash prize of $10,000 USD (the “Cash Award”) and will also be eligible for a developmental grant cash prize of $25,000 USD (the “Grant Award”) to co-develop the data science model suggested in Entrant’s proposed approach with GE, provided the winning respondent enter into a mutually agreeable business relationship with Grant Sponsor, which includes an agreed upon plan for guided funding.

Deadline :- 27 th October 2015

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