DB Innovation Challenge by Deutsche Bahn

DB Innovation Challenge
The Deutsche Bahn (German Railroad Company) is hosting the DB Innovation Challenge where they are searching for ideas to solve their problems. On the Moving Ideas platform (www.moving-ideas.net) they call for innovative ideas, products and technologies to enhance their processes, products, and offerings.
Large corporations, medium sized companies, small companies and start-ups as well as scientists and other innovators can submit their solutions in six different innovation areas:
1. Surface coating and cleaning of trains
2. Operations planning of on-board staff by app
3. ECO tuning of diesel shunting and main-line locos
4. Non-destructive testing of fibre components
5. Reducing maintenance effort at stations
6. Laser point clouds for modelling infrastructure

During the development phase, idea submitters have the chance to get a funding of 20.000 € to further enhance their ideas. Furthermore Deutsche Bahn will select winners in three categories (Large corporations & medium sized companies, small companies & start-ups, and science) which will each be awarded with 50.000 € prize money.

Further information about the challenge can be found on the platform at www.moving-ideas.net. You can switch the language of the platform to view all information in English once you have registered an account by clicking on the Login button.

Deadline: 30-11-2015
Award: € 50,000 for the first three winners + coaching & workshops

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