De’Longhi Design Your Breakfast competition

De’Longhi Design Your Breakfast

New idea contest on De’Longhi invites you to suggest new concepts for small appliances designed for the preparation of breakfast.

Company description

The company was founded by the de’ Longhi family in the early 1900s as a small industrial parts manufacturing workshop. The first major turnaround took place in 1974, when Giuseppe de’ Longhi, the current President, transformed the company by introducing the first oil-filled radiator branded with his surname. Over the following years, De’Longhi expanded to include all portable heating appliances, air-conditioners and every category of small domestic appliances in coffee, food preparation and cooking, household cleaning and ironing.

In 2000 De’Longhi’s acquired the British food processing appliance producer Kenwood, which expanded its reach in the food preparation and secured its position as the leader in the kitchen machine category. The following year, 2001, the De’Longhi Group was listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. 
In July 2012, from Procter&Gamble, the De’Longhi Group obtained the perpetual licence to use the Braun trademark on small household appliances.

The De’Longhi brand is present in 33 countries with direct commercial subsidiaries and sells its product to countries all over the world, remaining committed to creating innovations that bring convenience and style into every customers’ home, making their everyday better.

What we are looking for

The brief is available in the following languages:
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De’Longhi is looking for new ideas for a small appliance dedicated to the preparation and consumption of breakfast, inviting the Community to turn their habits, traditions and personal experiences into an innovative product.


For the correct realisation of your proposals, keep into consideration the following guidelines:

Product typology: the appliance you suggest shall embody the perfect tool for the preparation and consumption of breakfast, providing innovative solutions for the final user to prepare food and beverages, with a focus on cooking and heating elements. At your discretion, you may include additional functionalities for a basic food processing. You may reinterpret solutions already offered by De’Longhi or any of the brands of the Group or suggest totally new products, in full compliance with the values and style of De’Longhi.

Breakfast context: you are invited to think about your typical breakfast, taking into consideration your habitstraditions and needs, suggesting an innovative appliance that may help you in the preparation of your breakfast, describing (also with textual descriptions) the context, the logics and the idea that inspired you in the proposal. The project you propose may also take into account the preparation of your breakfast during working days – hence requiring a more convenient, quick and efficient solution – or the weekend breakfast, that might be usually dedicated more time.

Main functionalities: the main topic of the brief is to explore various modalities for preparing food and hot beverages, through cooking and heating elements, leveraging on the technologies already employed by the De’Longhi brand or suggesting innovative solutions. For more information about the technologies, you are invited to have a look at their catalogue on 

Additional functionalities: you are free to suggest automated solutions that also provide for the basic processing of solid or liquid ingredients, as long as they are associated with cooking processes. At your discretion, you may also take into consideration other functionalities such as squeezer, juicer or other basic processing of fruit or vegetables.

Do not suggest combined products (ex. toaster + kettle, etc.) unless they bear some additional functionalities or value. Do not suggest solutions already offered by other brands of the De’Longhi Group.

Size: given the daily use of the product typology researched through the contest, your solution shall have a size that may enable the user to keep the product always at hand, placed on the counter or a cupboard/shelf of the kitchen.

Style: the appliance you suggest shall thoroughly comply with the style and Made in Italy identity of the De’Longhi products, always attentive to aesthetics, to the choice of materials and to the ease of use. The way colours are selected and matched also plays a very important role, with the aim of creating an elegant product with a genuine Italian style.

Production technologies: the researched solution shall be designed with a view to industrialisation and mass production.

Nice to have: you may also suggest solutions that include the control of the appliance through an app or the interaction between various appliances to create an IoT (internet-of-things)product, as long as it truly bears a genuine additional value for the final user.


1°: €5000
The selection of the winner by De’Longhi will be the result of an unquestionable evaluation and it will take into account originality, feasibility and consistency with the brief presented.

Option right
For the duration of the option right, the Sponsor offers an extra chance to all participants setting a fee of Euro 2,500.00= (two-thousand-five-hundred/00) for the purchase of the license for the economical exploitation of the projects not-acknowledged as the winning proposals.

Deadline:- 07-03-2019

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