Closed/Expired: Design greeting cards for UNICEF challenge

Design greeting cards for UNICEF challenge

Put your talent to a good cause: support the rights of children with your design of UNICEF’s annual holiday and New Year greeting cards. The funds raised through the sale of these cards, go to help UNICEF in its mission to protect vulnerable children and their families around the world.

Your task

UNICEF is asking you to design next year’s holiday greeting cards and New Year greeting cards which will be used in a private as well as in a business context. The design can be festive, graceful, baroque or simply colorful and full of joy.

Your chance

This is your chance to use your design skills to make a difference for children around the world, by designing for UNICEF, the United Nation’s Children’s Fund. There’s a total prize pool of €6.100 including a “Fairest Rater Award” for the person who rates ideas the fairest, a “Collaboration Award” for a great team submission as well as a “Newcomer Award” for the best submission from the one who has been less than a year on jovoto and hasn’t yet won a prize.
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