Closed/Expired: Design the Next-Generation Facade competition

Design the Next-Generation Facade competition

The Metals in Construction magazine 2018 Design Challenge is a competition to generate ideas for a facade system that can play a major role in enhancing employee health and well-being at a speculative tech incubator on the Williamsburg, Brooklyn, waterfront. This ideas competition is based on the philosophy that the 21st century facade needs to be adaptive and responsive to human needs, especially in the workplace. With researchers probing beyond workplace aesthetics to examine holistic factors, we are learning that air and water quality, thermal control, and especially visual access to outdoor environments can directly improve employee well-being.

These findings are important not only to those in the workforce but also to the organizations employing them. Increased well-being has been found to boost productivity and shrink recovery time from stress and mental fatigue. By 2025, 75 percent of the working population will be made up of millennials, who exhibit notably different working styles and preferences than previous generations, among them the demand for a healthy, engaging work environment. With this mentality permeating all areas of workplace culture, organizations must be poised to offer WELL Building design features and other amenities essential to attract and retain the the most ambitious and tech-savvy workers. Enlightened organizations realize that increasing worker productivity by just 1 percent pays for a lot of these amenities.

This Design Brief asks architects and engineers, students and practitioners, to address this real-world concern by thinking about the next generation of building enclosures. What role does the facade system play in making workers both happier and healthier? Research shows that to a large extent employee well-being is a result of connecting the occupants of spaces within a building with the world outside. The Metals in Construction magazine 2018 Design Challenge invites you to imagine designing a functioning enclosure that explores this connection. Visit the competition site at

Your challenge: Conceptualize a state-of-the-art curtain wall system for a hypothetical 30-story office tower to be located on a 2.65-acre (115,244-square-foot) waterfront site, with 230,500 buildable square feet, at 500 Kent Avenue in the heart of Brooklyn’s developing tech hub.

Awards:- One grand prize of $15,000 to be awarded at a half-day conference at The TimesCenter in New York City on Friday, February 23, 2018. Along with the winner(s), up to 10 honorable mentions will be chosen for presentation and discussion at the conference. The winner and the top five finalists will also be published in Metals in Construction magazine and its digital platforms.

Deadline:- 01-02-2018

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