Distance Learning with Tinkercad Contest

The Distance Learning with Tinkercad Contest is for all educators and homeschooling parents who are using Tinkercad as part of their distance learning experience. To enter, simply post an instructable with an outline of the assignment and demonstrates three examples of student work that includes Tinkercad 3D designs. No 3D printer required! 

We are giving away two prizes of $500 gift cards for the following five categories:

Make it Move – To win this prize, you need to demonstrate that you have designed and made something with functioning moving parts.

Connectors – This prize is for any assignment that encourages the creation of connectors. It can be as simple as an L-bracket for a robot or as complicated as connecting a bicycle to power a blender. We are looking for creativity and functionality.

Silly Solutions – Show us an example of how students identified a problem, or something broken, and used 3D design to create a fix.

Mashup – Show us how your students took two of their favorite things (or things from the gallery) and creatively combined them to make something new.

Scene – This prize is for designs of physical spaces, from parks and landmarks to undersea adventures.

If you have never posted an Instructable before, here are some resources to help you get started:

How to Write an Instructable Class
Featuring Guidelines
Contests FAQ
Reach out to us directly at service@instructables.com

For some assignment ideas, check out the Teachers & Parents section of the Tinkercad blog and the Tinkercad for Education lessons on Instructables.

If you are new to Tinkercad and want to try it out with your kids, here are some resources:

Parents Guide to Starting Kids in Tinkercad
Starter Lessons in Tinkercad

Students, ask your teacher or parent about working on an entry together!


 Make it Move

2 winners of the Make it Move prize will receive:A $500 Amazon gift card


2 winners of the Connectors prize will receive:A $500 Amazon gift card

 Silly Solutions

2 winners of the Silly Solutions prize will receive:A $500 Amazon gift card


2 winners of the Mashup prize will receive:A $500 Amazon gift card


2 winners of the Scene prize will receive:A $500 Amazon gift card

 Runner Up

10 runner up winners will receive:A $250 Amazon gift card.

Deadline:- 01-06-2020

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