Donghwa East meets west International essay competition

How have your cultural views changed in today’s globalized society? The 2015 East Meets West International Essay Competition seeks to provide an intellectual and creative forum that empowers young voices and broadens the dialogue on cultural awareness and exchange. This competition is organized every year by the Donghwa Cultural Foundation. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that promotes East Asian culture, philosophy, and art through our programs and events.Answer at least one of the following questions below: 1. Have you ever felt torn between two separately defined cultures? Describe what aspects of your everyday life you struggled with and how you dealt with and overcame these challenges. How do you define your own personal/cultural heritage now? 2. In our increasingly interconnected world, the mixing and melding of different cultures have become more commonplace. Eastern cultures have been influenced by certain Western traditions or ideals, and vice versa. In this context of globalization, how do you feel Korean/Asian cultures and traditions have changed? Do you feel this change has been for the better? 3. Thanks to the rising prevalence of the Internet, a great deal of cross-cultural exchange is propagated through the spread of memes, social networking trends, and popular culture (films, television, music videos, etc.) Do you feel as if these sources of exchange accurately depict the cultures they hail from? Are all forms of cultural exchange created equal? Extrapolate from your own experiences interacting with these forms of media online.

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