Closed/Expired: Dressing the world in positivity challenge

Dressing the world in positivity challenge

Clean sheets and clean clothes are among the top things that make us happy. What do these two things have in common? When it comes to our senses, smell reigns supreme. There is scientific evidence that smells people like, make them feel good and boost their mood. And when you feel good, you think and act in a more positive way.

For a woman, clothes are a tool to foster positivity through expressions of her best and true self. She thinks of her wardrobe as her diary – she connects clothes with special memories and wearing them reconnects her with those treasured experiences.

Comfort is a fabric conditioner that promises clothes with softness and fragrance. Through its innovative formula with self-release fragrance capsules, your clothes stay fresh and fragrant throughout the day.

The pleasant fragrance Comfort leaves on the clothes enhances one’s mood, triggering a positive response to the environment that surrounds us. Comfort brand aims at dressing the world in positivity.

Comfort’s promise is “We put a spring in your step to bring out your positive side”.
Can you help Comfort to bring this to life?

Creative Challenge

With a poster, convince millennial women that the smell of their clothes has the power to positively boost how they feel and respond to the world.



  • #1 Prize 1 (€1,500)
  • #2 Prize 2 (€600)
  • #3 Prize 3 (€400)

Deadline:- 08-11-2016

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