Dualo – The new musical instrument for all


Experience the joy of creating your own music with one intuitive & stand alone instrument. Play and compose wherever you want.


In 2014 Dualo brought out the du-touch, perhaps the most mobile yet complete instrument of its generation. A burgeoning community of all levels from beginners to experts are taking it up and their feedback is helping it evolve.

Today the Dualo is ready to widen this community, to bring it to the whole world by unveiling, on Kickstarter, a brand new version more complete yet more accessible: The du-touch S

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Mobile and Autonomous – Plug your headphones or speaker in directly, no need for a computer or tablet: the du-touch contains 52 instrument sounds, has 8 hours of battery life and fits easily into your backpack.

A powerful tool for composition – Guitar, piano, bass, percussion, electro, 7 track looper. Let your imagination loose. Record your own loops, upload and sculpt your own sounds then share your covers and creations!

Intuitive and spontaneous – The Dualo’s revolutionary design gives you easy access to the settings. So you can compose your own tunes live and on the spot in whatever style you like. Jam with our new keyboard where all scales and chords are represented by simple shapes.

Fun and educational – Follow our series of video tutorials to learn how to play and master the instrument and develop your knowledge of music in general. Just let the lights of the keyboard guide your fingers. No need for sheet music.

Connected and scalable – a community of musicians has already adopted our initial model and has helped us to improve the instrument. You can install regular updates for free to get new features…

If you’re a musician you’ll be able to compose from the get-go…if you’re a beginner you won’t be for long.

The du-touch represents the new generation in mobility and playability.

Create tunes from nothing.

  • Chose a sound, personalize it, add effects.
  • Play rhythms, melodies, chords and loop them.
  • Layer your loops and mix the sounds.
  • Play with your own samples, use the motion sensors to make changes.
  • …then share your creations.

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