Closed/Expired: Dukla sports complex design competition

The competition focuses on creating a new, contemporary conception for the Dukla sports complex, a sporting area with one of the greatest potentials in the Czech Republic, and its immediate surroundings. The subject of the competition is the urban and architectural solution for the city sports complex Dukla Pardubice, one of the most important sports facilities in the Czech Republic. The aim of the competition is to find new and contemporary concept of the sports complex and the adjoining involved areas, which will take into account the mission of sport and its meaning for the today’s society. Dukla Pardubice should become the city sports complex of the 21st century.

Awards:- 1st 900k CZK, 2nd 600k CZK, 3nd 400k CZK

Deadline:- 07-07-2016

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