Early childhood book challenge

Early childhood book challenge

In the Ideas Phase, we are calling on our community to submit manuscripts for a children’s book that engages children (ages 0 to 3) and provides adults with ways to support early language development. Proposals will be accepted until 5pm PST on Friday, April 12th.

If you’re curious to learn more about the Challenge, read the Challenge Brief for more information, dive into the Challenge Personas to gain a deeper understanding of who this manuscript is for, and check out our Evaluation Criteria for details on the submission requirements. 

We encourage you to publish your submission to the Challenge as soon as possible. All published submissions are fully editable until the final deadline of 5pm PST on Friday, April 12th.

Early Childhood Book Challenge Kickoff Webinar

We will host a Community Kickoff Webinar to support your participation in the Challenge. During this webinar we will introduce the Challenge team, give an overview of the Challenge, share tips and tricks for success, and close with a Q+A. To secure your spot, please register for the upcoming webinar by completing this form. We will record the webinar and share out after for those unable to join live.


The winning author(s) will receive:

  • $20,000 in award money to make the manuscript publisher-ready
  • Recognition as the winner of the Early Childhood Book Challenge
  • Connections to a publisher to turn the manuscript into a book
  • The potential for 10,000+ books to be published and distributed in Philadelphia, with wider distribution possible
  • Travel to Philadelphia for recognition at a winner announcement event alongside the William Penn Foundation

In order to claim the awards, the winning author will need to agree to all contracting requirements from the publisher, OpenIDEO, and the William Penn Foundation.

‍Once selected, the author(s) will be provided the opportunity to travel to Philadelphia to be recognized at a winner announcement event alongside the William Penn Foundation. Once all contracts are agreed to, the Winning Author(s) and Illustrator will be granted a contract to move into publishing the book. Once the contract is confirmed, they will be eligible for the winning prize offerings, including the $20,000. The Winning Author and Illustrator will work with a previously chosen publisher (or publisher equivalent) to create the final version for print. The book will be printed in 10,000+ copies and distributed for free in Philadelphia. We’ll share more about the precise opportunity and requirements with the winner once selected.

‍The manuscript can be produced by a single author or a team of authors. We welcome new and established authors to participate as well as agented and unagented authors. No preference will be given to authors based on publishing status or agent representation. Only previously unpublished work will be accepted for submission.

Deadline:- 12-04-2019

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