EDF Pulse Awards

EDF Pulse Awards

EDF Pulse, the innovation branch of Électricité de France, has announced the EDF Pulse Awards. To support EU development and the startups who provide the foundation for this innovation, the awards provide a grant to start-ups with progressive technologies in one of the following realms:E-health, Smart home, Low carbon city.

If your startup is developing Europe’s next revolutionary technology, there’s a €100,000 grant competition that you’d be remiss to ignore. Since it’s a private grant, that means it isn’t subject to the same restrictions on what can be claimed as R&D tax credits, as is the case with government grants. The technology can be one of this : E-health: Dealing with innovations that revolutionise healthcare technologies for individuals whose health hinders their autonomy and quality of life, as well as for the health industry at large. These areas can include smart medicine, quantified self, and healthcare services. Smart home: developments for personal technologies that relate to home security, comfort, or even energy efficiency. Low carbon city: the category for products that improve urban energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprints. Transportation, smart city developments, and smart grids are examples of such.

Award:- €100000 grant as well as EDF’s assistance in heightening their visibility and reputation (mass media campaign)

Deadline:- 06-12-2016

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