Eiffel Scholarship by Sciences Po 2019

Eiffel Scholarship by Sciences Po

Applications are open for the Eiffel Scholarship by Sciences Po 2019/2020 for International Students. The Eiffel Scholarship Programme, launched in January 1999 by the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, is aimed at foreign students whose outstanding ability has been recognised by French institutions of higher education who wish to sponsor these students for the rest of their studies.

The Eiffel Scholarship is awarded for the length of time needed to complete the course for which students have applied. This is subject to students fulfilling the academic obligations during each year of the course. The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs gives priority to candidates from emerging countries and above all to those who are underrepresented in French universities and higher education institutions: Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and new members of the EU and the Middle East.

Awards:- The monthly grant amount for Master programmes amounts to €1,181 (€1,031 scholarship + €150 additional monthly amount). The Eiffel Scholarship does not cover tuition fees. Students offered a place to study at Sciences Po who receive the scholarship are therefore responsible for paying the annual tuition fees.

Deadline:- 03-11-2019

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