Electromagnetic Car Tinting

Electromagnetic Car Tinting

Select the percentage on Tinting With just a Touch of The Remote. We are showing each of the backer everything we have done so far, this video was our test trail on a full size Glass Office. Let us know if you want to see more of our workings so that we upload more and more videos.

It is about tinting/shading your car windows/room widows only when you need. You can make then transparent or opaque with just a click of the remote.

We are successful in making a prototype of electrochromic film as shown in video we just have to make it according to the size of your car window to fit it in your car and give you the feeling of controlling the shade. It can easily be installed on car windows or any window ans is controlled by a remote.

What new have we done We just made it that cheaper so everyone can afford it and secondly we have extended this high tech product to be used for any window of the world, either that be a car window or a room window.

100% successful prototype shows our dedication to the project still we believe we can enhance its quality and control. We Believe that you have a right to decide when to tint your car windows and when to make them transparent.

I want this challenging gadget