Empowering caregivers in immunization challenge

Empowering caregivers in immunization challenge

At OpenIDEO, we believe that new and existing ideas become better through collaboration, transparent feedback, and iteration. Participants are encouraged to build off of others’ concepts, collaboratively share insights, and combine ideas to reach new innovation spaces.

How do I get Involved?

In the Ideas Phase, we are calling on our global community to submit current projects or proposals focused on the Challenge topic: empowering caregivers to seek and fully utilize immunization services in their communities. Proposals will be accepted until 5pm PST on Sunday March 10.

If you’re curious to learn more about the Challenge, read the Challenge Brief for more information on this important topic, and check out our Submission Guidelines for details on the requirements and submission criteria. Below you’ll find more helpful resources, toolkits and how-tos that can guide you through the Challenge experience.


We’re thrilled to create an ecosystem of collaboration and feedback for all participants submitting to the Empowering Caregivers in Immunization Challenge. Shortlisted concepts will receive feedback from the Gates Foundation and additional expert stakeholders in the vaccine innovation space. Up to $50K in prize funds will be available for up to 10 Top Ideas. Additionally, selected Top Ideas will be invited to meet with and pitch to the Gates Foundation Vaccine Innovation team.

Prizes shall be awarded solely based on Challenge recipients’ past accomplishments and achievements in developing their ideas, with no requirement to take further action or perform services.

Deadline:- 10-03-2019

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