Closed/Expired: Energy Layout 2030 challenge

Energy Layout 2030
Imagine what the production, distribution or use of energy will look like in 2030. Only 200 years ago our main energy source was wood. We now have a wealth of energy sources to choose from, including a growing range of renewable energy technologies.

Energy drives development and has a bright future ahead. However, because of population growth, climate change, technological innovations, higher living standards and economic development, this industry is facing many ambitious challenges… Hence, innogy needs your help to rethink and optimize the energy efficiency system of the future.

The best projects to imagine the energy management of 2030 and help innogy to better sustain its users in the future, will win many prizes, benefit from a support from innogy to develop their solution and get a chance to leave their mark in our changing world!

Awards:- Trip to Berlin worth €1,500
Deadline:- 19-03-2018