Energysquare always stay charged

Energysquare always stay charged

Energysquare is a new generation of wireless chargers – charge all your devices on an ultra-thin pad with no induction!

Energysquare is a new generation of wireless chargers that will allow you to charge multiple devices at thesame speed as classic chargers, just by placing it on an ultra-thin pad. No induction, no electromagnetic waves, we are using our own patented conductive charging technology!

Install a small sticker on your phone, put it on the pad, and its charging!

Energysquare is compatible with all smartphones and tablets having micro usb connectors (Android and Windows Phone), lightning connectors (iPhone) and usb type C !


The technology behind Energysquare is composed of two elements:

  • A charging pad made of conductive squares inlaid into an insulating material. Each square is then controlled independently by our embedded system.
  • A thin and adhesive sticker that you can plug into the device and stick to its back. There are two conductive dots on the sticker, which directly connect to the battery.
  • When the equipped device is placed on the pad, the sticker’s conductive dots connect with two different conductive squares of the pad. The pad starts charging the device as soon as the “physical” contact is established.

Unlike induction charging, there is no loss of energy. Several devices can be charged on wide surfacessimultaneously!

If you want to keep using a classic charger, you can just unplug the sticker temporally and plug it back in when you’re done!



Energysquare can be placed anywhere in your home!

Let it charge while you sleep

Get rid of your powerstrip!

Power your friends and family!

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