EOZ One – The Most Stylish Bluetooth Earphones Ever

EOZ One - The Most Stylish Bluetooth Earphones Ever

Crafted from leather and aluminium and powered with HR Audio. Ergonomically optimised and aesthetically designed, meet the EOZ One


The Bluetooth Earphone market has been flooded with standard and OEM plastic products.

The idea behind the EOZ One is to bring elegance and timelessness to a device that has the most up-to-date audio technologies available.

Crafted from aluminum and leather, the EOZ One is that stylish pair of earphones you can wear on any occasion.



We believe style and technology are not mutually exclusive.



Nowadays, wireless means freedom. With its 9 hours of autonomy and its OTG system that allows you to plug your earphones to your smartphone to charge its battery, the EOZ One is the best companion for your busy lifestyle.

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